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Virginia Craft Beer Events from Nov 11 – Nov 17th

So this weekend marks the end of Richmond Beer Week.  I’ve made it to a few events and have seen decent crowds.  Hopefully as the scene grows more and more people will make it out to these special people put into celebrating Craft Beer.

So there is a lot of news I want to get out here before this week’s events.
First I’d like to say Welcome to the Beer Community to Original Gravity Homebrew Supplies.  Yes, that’s right Richmond.  There is a new shop opening on Wed Nov 16th.   I had an opportunity to meet Tony, who owns the shop.  He’s pretty excited about serving the homebrewer community in Richmond.  They are located 6920 Lakeside Ave, Suite D.

Also this week I learned that a brewery long in the planning has come one step closer.  Jon Wright is moving forward with licensing on his Redbeard Brewing.  Folks, I have an opportunity to taste his Stout and I believe Brown Ale and both are very solid.  Can’t wait to share them with friends.   They will be located in Stauton, VA.

Another brewery I learned that is making progress is Barnhouse Brewing in Lucketts, VA.  Word is they are getting equipment and working recipes.

Finally, I want to personal say hello to Kory Mohr who has set up  VaBeerTrail.com.  Now I love what he is doing there.  If you ever want to know where a particular brewery or bottle shop is located visit his site.  However, he’s offering more than that.  You can find reviews and topic related Virginia Craft Beers.  We are both looking at ways to work together to help the Virginia Beer Community to grow.

Well let’s get into this week’s events:

Sat  Nov 12th:
Today is the second to last day of Richmond Beer Week.  You can find out the events tonight here.
If you live in the Danville area Bright Leaf Beer Fest is also happening today.  Tickets are $35 at the gate and will run from 3 – 8 pm.

Sun Nov 13th:
Final day of Richmond Beer Week.

Tue Nov 15th:
Mad Fox Brewing is having their weekly Tuesday Tapping.  This will feature Black Saison.

Wed Nov 16th:
Wildfire in Tyson’s Corner is hosting Hugh Sisson for a Heavy Seas Brewing Beer Dinner.  Tickets are still available and cost is $45 per person.

Thur Nov 17th:
Magnolia at the Mills is having an Allagash Beer Dinner starting at 7pm.  Reservations are need.  You can follow the link for menu and price.
Union Jack Pub is having a  Steal the Glass night featuring Heavy Seas Brewing.  Stop buy for a pint and keep the glass.
Blue Mountain Brewing is having their own Beer Dinner starting at 7pm.  As I understand it tickets are going fast so don’t wait.  Check out the menu and price by following the link.

….And this ends this week’s event updates.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest and greatest event updates.