Virginia Craft Beer Events Happening Today, April 15th

Did you know Magnolia at the Mill is hosting a Stone Beer Dinner on Thursday April 17th?
That same day TJ’s Restaurant is hosting a Blue Mountain vs Cardinal Point, Beer vs Wine Dinner.
This Saturday (April 19th), Hardywood Park is releasing their Bourbon Cru and Lickinghole Creek Brewing is releasing their 4 Pillars IPA. Just a little some thing to think about for this coming week
Events happening in Virginia

Virginia Craft Beer Events Happening Today, April 12th

Events happening in Virginia. There are four festivals today.
OnTap! RVA ROCK$ and Fetch A Cure April 12th Noon – 5PM
SpringFest at Lost Rhino Brewing
Smithfield Wine & Brew Weekend April 11 – 13 SOLD OUT
New River Brewfest April 12, 2014 Noon – 6PM

  • 8 Apr 2014 00:00 – 00:00
    43 Hours of Bitter at The Birch Bar #Norfolk


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    Hops, herb, and all kinds of bitter.

    Opening Day!
    GGG Admission at 4:30
    Steal the Glass Night ft. Classic IPAs
    GGG Admission at 4:30
    The Perfect IPA Board ft. Charcuterie, Cheese, and Accompaniments
    Friday Beer and Cheese Pairing
    The IBU Flight

  • 12 Apr 2014 13:00 – 16:00
    Weekly Beer Tasting at Arrowine #Arlington

    Beer News & Tastings

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    Hi Everybody,

    First thing’s first: Ommegang Fire & Blood Ale. At this point, your guess is as good as mine. I haven’t been notified one way or the other (or at all, for that matter) but Ommegang’s distributor as to whether there’s any in, or if we’ll be receiving any. I wish I had more information, but them’s the breaks. If anything changes, look for updates on Arrowine’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    Now then…

    This is an exciting week packed with new beers everywhere here in the Arrowine beer department! I’ve been working with various importers and distributors to bring in new brews at the best prices possible, and this is one of those weeks where that work has paid off! We’ll only have a few of these new beers open on Saturday, but they’re well worth checking out, and keep an eye out if you happen to stop by Friday night–you never know what I might open just for kicks.

    All that new beer means our already limited space is at a premium. You know what that means…Arrowine Beer Department Spring Cleaning Sale! Look around for red-tagged 6-packs, 4-packs, and individual bottles deeply discounted to make room for all the goodies we’re planning on working with over the next few months. Please note: red-tag items do not discount further in cases, though they can be used to build to a case.

    As always, prices and limits are noted where possible/applicable. Deliveries are subject to selling out or distributor mishap.

    Arrowine Saturday Beer Tasting

    April 12th, 2014

    1-4 PM

    Mikkeller Keeper American Pils; brewed/canned at Sly Fox, Pottstown, PA–5.0% ABV: Not so much a collaboration as a partnership, Mikkeller is unleashing a new series of canned beers to be brewed and packaged at Pennsylvania’s Sly Fox Brewing Company, and the first of these is here! Keeper Pils features the light, easy-going malt feel you’d expect from a 5% Pils with a fruity hop note that provides the right amount of bitterness on the finish. In stock; $9.99/4-pack cans

    Hardywood Hoplar IPA; Richmond, VA–8.5% ABV, 100 IBU: The new limited-release from Hardywood throws a unique spin on the traditional IPA. Where the original versions of IPAs would have been aged on oak, Hoplar uses relcaimed wood from a fallen poplar tree to take the edge off of the intense Cascade, Columbus, and Summit hops used in the brew and in the dry-hopping that goes into Hoplar. The hop bitterness is balanced the beer’s malts and the wood-aging, which also provides a subtle tannic structure as well. In stock; $10.99/750mL bottle

    Laughing Dog Rocket Dog Rye IPA; Ponderay, ID–6.7% ABV, 62.8 IBU: I recently sampled through Laughing Dog’s lineup after not having had any of their beers for some time, and came away especially impressed with this Rye IPA. With 23% rye malt, Cascade, Cluster, and Simcoe hops, Rocket Dog has punchy hop citurs flavors and an irresistible blend of bitterness and rye astringency on its finish. Arriving Friday, 4.11.14.; $6.99/22oz bottle

    Birrifico del Ducato/3 Fonteinen Beersel Mattina; Roncole Verdi di Busseto, Parma, Italy–6.2% ABV: This unique brew is a blend of Ducato’s Belgian Saison-inspired Nuova Mattina with 18-month old Lambic from the vaunted 3 Fonteinen Gueuzerie in Belgium. Following blending, Beersel Mattina is aged for at least 18 months in bottle before release. The sharpness and dry nature of the Lambic integrates with the wildflower and spices used in Nuova Mattina to create a whole new experience for Sour Ale fans. Don’t miss out on this! RARE: 12 bottles arriving Friday, 4.11.14.; $29.99/750mL bottle

    Thanks as always for your support, and we’ll see you this weekend at Arrowine!

    –Nick Anderson, your Friendly Neighborhood Beermonger

  • 12 Apr 2014 13:00 – 17:00
    Young Veterans Brewing Tasting at Grape Gourmet #VirginiaBeach
    Cheap & Cheery THIS Saturday, April 12th from 1 to 5PM!In addition to our FREE wine, sweet wine,craft beer and cider tasting…

    the up-and-coming rockstars of Young Veteran’s Brewing Company will be sampling out a couple of their beers and giving you info about their brewery that is right here in Virginia Beach!

  • 12 Apr 2014 14:00 – 16:00
    Tom Tom: The Business of Beer at The Haven #Charlottesville
    Full schedule at WWW.TOMTOMFEST.COMover 170 hours of events April 9 – 13

    Love good beer? This panel of alchemists and business people will share tales of how Shenandoah’s outstanding beer scene came to be, and where its booming ecosystem fits within a national narrative of local agriculture, passionate people, and business ethics.

    Both Virginia beer pioneers and their national counterparts – alongside the fruits of their labor – will be on hand to explain the elements and value of their craft.

    Josh Hunt – Beer Run

    Neil Reeve – New Belgium Brewing Company

    Mary Wolf – Wild Wolf Brewing Company

    Tommy Frank – Blue Ridge Beverage Company, Inc.

    Seth Berkowitz – Specialty Beverage of Virginia | Distributor

    The Haven
    112 Market Street, Charlottesville VA

  • 12 Apr 2014 16:00 – 16:00
    Beer School at Brew Gastropub #Chesterfield
    Tomorrow (Saturday 4/12) at 4 pm, Brew will be hosting our weekly beer school. This week’s topic is unusual beers. We are fortunate to have some beers which flout normal beer convention. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about them, taste them, and figure out why they’re so awesome. Free beer samples as always and we hope to see y’all out here!