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  • 1 Mar 2013 12:00 - 18:00
    Weekly Beer Tasting at Vintage Cellar

    Weekend Happenings at Vintage Cellar

    Free Beer Tastings every Friday 12-6.  Friday will be a Special White Birch and Blue Mountain Breweries tasting.

    Thursday Value Wines tasting continues through this semester.

    Free wine tasting every Saturday from 10am – 5pm. This Saturday David from Potomac will be here.  Hot Dog! has our current stock! Including Kegs! And don’t forget to “stay in touch” with us on either Facebook or Twitter. We post updates for Beer Specials, Limited Supply Offerings, and Impromptu Tastings here, so link up and hook in!


    Hop Session Ale

    $6.45/ 22oz

    Anglo-American IPA

    Aroma, flavor, bitterness. there was a time when you couldn’t walk into a craft beer aisle without being assaulted by double/triple/quadruple IPAs. You could almost feel the enamel being burnt off your teeth. Flavor chaos was the rule of the day and we just hated it! So when we created Hop Session, we sought all the qualities of the proud hop flower with none of the overwrought, high-alcohol, uber-hopped ales we had grown so tired of. We created Hop Session: perky hops and low alcohol.

    5.% ABV

    Belgian Style Pale Ale

    $6.45/ 22oz

    Belgain Pale Ale

    In the contemporary context, the Belgian Pale

    Ale style ranges widely in flavor, aroma, and alcohol content.

    Our Belgian Style Pale ale firmly plants itself in the center of

    this dialogue with yeast notes of pear and spice, a pilsner malt body, and deceptively quaffable alcohol content.

    6.7% ABV

    Hooksett Ale

    $8.95/ 22oz

    Belgian IPA

    The last decade has seen a fascinating exchange between Belgian and American brewers. They want to make hoppy beers like us, and we want to make fruity, spicy Belgian ales like them. Our Hooksett ale is a prime example of this interplay. Floral hops and a firm malt backbone anchors this delightful hybrid ale. We ferment this beer with our house Belgian yeast for a fruity, Belgo-inspired hopfest!

    7.5% ABV

    Classic Lager

    $1.95/ 12oz

    $10.50/ 6pk

    This authentic Continental-style beer is brewed with 2-row malts and noble hops, then cold fermented and lagered for six glorious weeks. Experience the full, balanced malt flavor

    5.3% ABV

    Kolsch 151

    $2.05/ 12oz

    $11.25/ 6pk

    A light German-style ale indigenous to Cologne. This ale is treated like a lager, undergoing extensive cold aging to produce a clean, crisp beer. German Pilsen and Vienna malts and Hallertau region hops lend a balanced flavor to our lightest beer.

    5.0% ABV

    Evan Altmighty

    $2.25/ 12oz

    $11.95/ 6pk

    We’ve created our alt on the deep gold color end of the spectrum, but in the “sticke” category. Evan Altmighty was brewed with Pilsner, Munich, and Caramel Munich malts and hopped with German Hallertau Tradition hops. The same cologne-based strain of ale yeast for fermentation provides light fruit and bready notes and aids in the prolonged cold aging of this ale.

    6.6% ABV

    Full Nelson Pale Ale

    $2.15 12oz

    $10.95/ 6pk

    Bursting with local hop flavor, our flagship Virginia Pale Ale features our own farm-grown Cascade variety hops as one of the key ingredients. A strong malt backbone gives this ale a rich taste and vibrant copper color, while the generous addition of hops contribute a pronounced bitterness and floral, citrus aroma.

    5.9% ABV

    MacHayden’s Wee Heavy

    $2.25/ 12oz

    $11.95/ 6pk

    MacEwans ale yeast fermented, malt forward Scottish 90/- (shilling) ale.

    7.4% ABV

    Local Species

    $6.95/ 375mL

    $11.95/ 750mL


    A hybrid beer unlike any other. Belgian fermentation, American hops, Virginia foothills deep-well water and Kentucky bourbon barrels. Bizarrely delicious.

    6.6% ABV

    Chocolate Coffee Aged Dark Hollow

    $13.95/ 750mL


    Our flagship imperial stout has been aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels with African cacao nibs and locally roasted coffee. Dark, bitter cocoa blends with sweet malt; robust coffee mellows in the presence of oak-imparted vanilla and bourbon flavors.

    10% ABV

    Sour Devil

    $13.95/ 750mL


    Naturally occurring lactobacillus was cultivated at our brewery in old bourbon barrels that once held Dark Hollow Imperial Stout. We’ve aged a new batch of Dark Hollow in these barrels-gone-wild and let nature do its thing. The result is a dance of complexity; naturally produced lactic acid interacts with the alcohol of the beer to create sweet-sour esters atop the dark malt flavors.

    10% ABV

    Weekly Beer Tasting at Vintage Cellar
  • 1 Mar 2013 17:00 - 17:00
    Ales From The Crypt at Capital Ale House


    Remember That Beer From Last Year That You Loved?

    We’re bringing it back!

    Each location has been saving 1 keg from each month for the last year. Call it hoarding, call it selfish, call it what you like, but we have been holding on to our favorite of the month for the last year.

    Each month we will dust off a year old keg and see how it aged.

    March’s Edition

    Downtown Richmond- Sierra Nevada Life and Limb

    Innsbrook- Bells This One Goes to 11

    Midlothian- Hardywood Bourbon Cru

    Fredericksburg- He’Brew Reunion

    Harrisonburg-O’Connors Barmback

    Ales From The Crypt at Capital Ale House
  • 1 Mar 2013 17:00 - 20:00
    Once Upon a Vine North Weekly Beer Tasting

    Pete from Troeg’s Brewery will be tasting their Perpetual IPA, Hopback Amber and the mighty Nugget Nectar.

    Once Upon a Vine North Weekly Beer Tasting
  • 1 Mar 2013 17:00 - 20:00
    Once Upon a Vine South Weeky Beer Tasting

    Steven with Duvel will be here this Friday from 5pm – 8pm tasting
    - Hennepin
    - Abbey
    - Rare Vos
    - Three Philsophers
    - Art of Darkness

    Once Upon a Vine South Weeky Beer Tasting
  • 1 Mar 2013 17:00 - 17:00
    Taste the Beers of Allagash at Pizzeria Paradiso Old Town


    Bourbon Black, Confluence, Curieux, Dubbel, Fluxus, Four, Grand Cru,
    Hugh Malone, Interlude, Midnight Brett, Tripel, Vrienden, White & Yakuz

    Taste the Beers of Allagash at Pizzeria Paradiso Old Town
  • 1 Mar 2013 17:30 - 19:30
    Corks and Kegs March Madness

    Corks and Kegs March Madness starts

    March 1!!!

    What is all the madness about?

    It is a month long beer tournament similar in format to the NCAA basketball tournament. First round match ups are set up by our manager and staff. Match ups after that are determined by you!

    Each evening in March we will have a “game”. Game times will be 5:30 to 7:30.

    During the above time period, you simply taste two unidentified beer samples and put your vote in the ballot box for the one you like the better.

    We will tally up the votes each night and post results and the identity of the beers on Facebook.

    The winner moves on to the next round and the loser gets on the beer bus back to its shelf spot.

    This year’s tournament will have an interesting wrinkle as Belgian style beers will be included in the field. What impact will they have?

    So plan to come in each evening in March, do the blind taste test, vote and then watch for results on FB.


    Corks and Kegs March Madness
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    1. i like how all videos say blottes and stuff can be purchased at your local homebrew shop , seriously i lived in ATL and Charl. NC, bot major cities and havent found anything remotely close to thess so called homebrew shop

    2. We’re having a craft beer festival on Feb 22. Can you please add information to your website?

      A t this lunchtime event, producers of high, quality craft beer will be on hand to share thoughtful, intelligent, and sometimes funny perspectives about their use of seasonal ingredients, brewing techniques, and how they get inspirations for new flavors. Area chefs from will be onsite with Whole Foods Market Chef Kiet to demonstrate how to cook with beer.

      The beer line-up includes: Evolution, Great Lakes, Harpoon, Heavy Seas, Lagunitas, Lost Rhino, Schlafly, Sierra Nevada, Starr Hill, Victory, and more. Each beer company will have 2 – 3 different varieties. Whole Foods Market Beer Buyer, Jeff Forest will kick off the event with the cracking of a fresh cask at 1PM sharp.

      Tickets can be purchased online via EventBrite

      The early bird price of $16.00 is valid until Friday, Feb 21. The ticket price is $20 anytime after.

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