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Welcome to my little piece of the Interweb pie. I am beer enthusiast. I think that goes with out saying. I don’t drink it to get drunk or to act like an ass. Instead I drink it to enjoy the flavors and good times with friends. I am Barelywine fan. The older the beer the happier I am. I have learned you can pair beer with just about any food and certainly any cheese. This whole site is dedicated to beer but I plan to grow it out side of beer and include other fermentable drinks (except wine).

This site is also dedicated to promoting events going on around Virginia, in particular central VA. I have no problem promoting a beer tasting or a beer dinner. All I ask is give me enough time to help promote it. I don’t ask for anything in return.

Feel free to contact me with your events or comments edmond(d0t)medina at vacraftbeer(dot)com.

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  1. Edmond,

    Love your blog and I’m hoping I could share some of your posts over on our Facebook page. You seem completely in the know about the goings-on around RVA and we’re just coming onto the scene. I’m from Colonial Heights and lived in Richmond from 1990-2004, saw the first craft beer bubble in the mid-90′s (I still have my “1st Annual River City Beer Fest” from 1994-5) rise and burst and then moved to ATL in 2004. Just in time there to experience their craft renaissance after the 6% cap was lifted in ’04. We started our page and just loved being part of the scene. We just moved back to Richmond in June and hoping to spread the word about RVA and VA beer to the masses. We also work for Beer Connoisseur Magazine on the side. Anyhoo, enough of that introduction. I’m just hopeful we can get the word out and share some of your posts. Of course, I understand completely if you don’t want to (not knowing me from Adam). Either way, LOVE your blog and looking forward to meeting you soon. Cheers!—-James (and Aimee)

  2. Hi…Welcome to Richmond! Sorry about the delay in my response. I over looked your comment. Nonetheless, absolutely feel free to share posts. Heck that’s what I am working towards, spreading the Virginia Craft Beer scene.

  3. Hi! Recent transplant from Wisconsin to RVA and I’m looking for a good place to buy beer that highlights VA beer. A lot of places have an OK selection, but I’m almost as likely to find a CA beer as a VA beer. Stores need to celebrate VA beers, so….where do I go to find the best selection of VA beers in the RVA area? I live in the Bottom, but am willing to travel to get the best local selection.


  4. Hi Mark,
    Welcome to the site. The question you ask is a valid one. I had a conversation with a friend who happens to be a distributor a few months ago about this very subject. This is something they struggle with and are working hard to rectify. In fact if you are not already follow the Taste The Local on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/tastethelocal). They are working hard to help put the focus on Virginia Breweries. So to answer your question directly I would have to say the best places in Richmond would be Wine and Beer Westpark and Once Upon a Vine South. Each place will carry some thing the other won’t have. In particular Blue & Gray Brewing tends to be found at Wine and Beer Westpark and not Once Upon a Vine. Now this will change in the coming months as Wine and Beer Westpark is closing soon.
    Again thanks for following and welcome to Richmond.

  5. Great blog! I am looking to move to Richmond from New Orleans with my family next summer(June 2013) and am excited to see a nice craft beer scene!



  6. Thanks. yeah the Richmond scene is growing and with the recent change in legislation expect to see many more local breweries popping up by next summer. So you’ll be coming at a good time.

  7. Hi there,
    I work for Saveur magazine. We are curating a special Virginia Co-op advertisement section. I would love to include VACraft beer. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please email me directly.

  8. Edmond,

    We are a craft brewery(in planning) preparing to root our brewery in Fauquier county and creatively produce a complementary product to the successful and booming local wine industry.

    Your on the front end of something that’s about to take off like a rocket, I hope your ready!

    Quick question(i know this isnt your area of expertise but was hoping some of the associated breweries might be familiar): Short of asking our ABC compliance agent, I can’t find any information on “membership” regulations. Meaning can we include the beer product as a benefit of joining the club? If not, can we pre-sell beer product(lump product purchase) to interested parties to as a way to get investments?


  9. Edmond,

    Do you know of anyone that is serious and looking to start a craft brewery down in Old Towne Petersburg area?


  10. HI Walt,
    No sorry. I don’t know of any one looking down in that area. Most of the work I have seen or heard of has been north side or in the city itself.

  11. Thanks Edmond. I will keep looking for someone that want’s to move down here. I heard that one of the established folks in the western part of the state may be looking so I am going to set up a meeting with one of them. I own commercial real estate in the Old Towne area and would love to partner with the right team to bring this type of business to Petersburg.

  12. Hey there! I’m trying to match beers to their respective glasses and am having trouble coming up with a good craft beer that my boyfriend hasn’t actually tried yet (for a Christmas present). We live in Cville, so Starr Hill is ever prevalent, but I’d like something out of the ordinary. Would you happen to have any suggestions? I know Beer Run and Capital Ale generally have good selections, but as to craft brews, I’m completely lost. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks. :)

  13. OK this is a really loaded question…so much beer so little time!
    Where do I start?
    If you are looking for various unique and different beers you can always start with Local. Living in Charlottesville you have access to some great breweries and even bottle shops. However, the first beer that comes to mind that you can’t get in Charlottesville is Hardywood Park’s Gingerbread Stout. Take a trip down here to Richmond and visit the brewery (it’s located right off I64 in the city of Richmond). They are open evenings Wed – Fri and 2 – 9 on Sat. If you can make it really soon you might be able to score a gift pack of two bottles of the Gingerbread Stout with two glasses. They only distribute locally so I know it’s not up that way. Now looking around you two favorites I have from Blue Mountain Brewery are Long Winters Nap and Dark Hallow. Both are very solid beers and you should be able to find them locally. If you’re looking for some other ideas well I know this week (Thanksgiving Week) Goose Island has released their Bourbon County Stout in the state. If you can make it to Northern Virginia you can find a great selection from Great Lakes Brewing. Also locally you can find a few items from Foothills Brewing out of North Carolina. Lastly, look for Mad Elf from Troegs Brewing, Samiclaus from Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg and pretty much anything from Devils Backbone. You can also make a stop over at Beer Run and speak to those guys, I am pretty sure they will have even more suggestions.
    Hope it helps out and thanks for stopping by.

  14. Very nice blog, thank you. One suggestion: VA is a big state, you might consider more consistently including and/or more prominently showing the relevant city when you post about events or breweries? And a further step might be to tag posts according to region e.g. #nova #richmond for search filtering.

    Keep up the great site!

  15. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the input. I do try to use the map feature to show the address. However, I can see where putting the city more prominent would be beneficial. As for tagging the region, this I do use when I use twitter to promote an event. However, it gives me an idea to maybe use those same hash tags in the title of the event.
    Thanks for visiting.

  16. Hello,
    I wonder if you know of anyone who is looking to build/start a new craft brewery in central Virginia?
    I have an organic farm in western Louisa county, not far from Charlottesville . We would love to use
    part of the farm to have a brewery! Looking for folks who can think outside the box and work with me to create a one of a kind brewery, we could grow some of the hops here, make the beer here and build a few green built houses on the farm to support the staff……and we are building a stage to host music and food events starting this June. So, if you know of anyone who might want to entertain the notion of living and working near a brewery centered community …holler!!


  17. Edmond,

    I moderate a Subreddit on http://www.Reddit.com and it happens to be named VAcraftbeer! Please come over and check it out as I have posted your website on the sidebar for easy access from my subscribers. This Subreddit is brand new (less than 24 hours), but I have already gotten 50+ subscribers! I am hoping to be able to keep in touch with all VA beer lovers about upcoming events, tastings, bottle shares, beerfests, etc by posting through Reddit. The Reddit community is really great and you should come check it out and feel free to post about RVA stuff coming up!


  18. Dear Sir,

    I am a Nepali craft beer enthusiast, and I am looking for organizations providing opportunity to learn brewing craft beer in their factory. I am willing to work voluntarily if necessary. I am coming soon from Nepal. I would appreciate if you could give me some idea about where I can go, specially around virginia area to learn microbrewing or Craft beer brewing.


  19. Thank you for this website! In the past have found searching for Virginia beer festivals to be a “hit or miss” chore, but your Festival season list has sure helped that! Your website is now saved to my desktop. These festivals are great bonding time with my daughter. The emergence of micro breweries in the past 10-15 years has been wonderful, and seeing the growing number in Virginia really makes me happy. Gone are the days of being offered a can of a barely tolerable beverage. By the time the lights and ultra lights came into play I gave up on beer altogether. I think those were for folks that like a buzz more than a brew. Those people can keep their cases, just give me one good bottle of amber or stout or pumpkin wheat … The possibilities of food and beer pairings are now amazing and I am a happy lady!

  20. Thank you for the very kind words. Virginia has certainly made many strides in the past few years and the future looks really good for even more Virginia Craft Beer!

  21. If you’re really into craft beer, may I suggest trying out Young Veterans Brewing Company of Virginia Beach. They are on 2505 Horse Pasture road. Just try a Google Search on their name…….you will taste quality.

  22. Brian,
    We actually are starting to see their stuff here in Central VA. However this summer I hope to make it out their place to get it from the source.

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