Holy Brew joins forces with Lost Rhino…and other tidbits

Well it seems the Virginia Brewing landscape is yet changing.
First I’ll start with the lead story here. It was announced today that Holy Brew (http://www.holybrew.com) would essentially become a separate arm of Lost Rhino Brewing. Lost Rhino will use the Holy Brew label to release high end craft Belgian beers. This isn’t unusual as the many breweries do this with separate labels (brands) for specialized product. The complete story can be found here.

Also last week a new brewery has made their presence known. Midnight Brewing in Goochland will open a small nanobrewery and hope to have beer flowing first part of 2012. Thanks to David of Musings Over a Pint for directing me to the story.

Finally, it seems Scottsville, Va is also getting a production brewery in the near future. James River Brewing is in the process to raise funds and proceed to build a production facility. I haven’t seen an expected date to start production but I imagine 2012 is a good guess.

One thought on “Holy Brew joins forces with Lost Rhino…and other tidbits”

  1. Very excited to follow Trae’s Midnight Brewing success as I’m totally into the nano brewery model. Would love to meet him myself someday and check out his production line! Thanks for the great update, Edmond!

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