A new brewery to open in Richmond, VA

I learned to day a new brewery is to open in Richmond.
Hardywood Park Craft Brewery is the brainchild of Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh and is set to open this summer on Ownby Lane, between The Diamond and Fan District.    Hardywood Park .

“With loads of creative energy, ample opportunities for adventure seekers, a rich history, and a growing appreciation for natural, local foods, Richmond has all the makings of a great beer city” states McKay. With a few major new beer events, including the World Beer Festival and Richmond Beer Week, and rumors of an expanding lineup of brewing talent slated to join local craft beer pioneer, Legend Brewing Company, Richmond’s beer culture is certainly on the rise.

Hardywood Park will be a 20 barrel brewhouse and is expected to offer brewery tours.   They will distribute to local draft accounts that will include a sessionable yet sophisticated Abbey-style beer.  The plan is to also compliment that with artisnal ales to released through the year in 750ml corked bottles, on tap and on cask.

You can the entire press release about Richmond’s newest brewery here

One last thing…if you are keep track,  this month we have heard of Bedford Alehouse and Haxall Brewing Co. to open in Virginia.  I think I’ll have to raise a glass or three to each of the newest members to the Virginia Brewing Community.

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