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Virginia Craft Beer Events Happening Today, April 23rd

So as you begin to plan your weekend here are the up coming festivals.
If you in the Harrisonburg area don’t forget the Rocktown Beer & Music Festival
Those of you in Arlington can enjoy the Springfest at Capital City Brewing
If you are near Culpeper check out the Gnarly Hops & Barley Festival
Finally, in Williamsburg the Williamsburg Craft Beer Festival is happening on Sunday.
There you go a weekend of fun.

Events happening in Virginia

  • 23 Apr 2014 17:00 – 22:00
    Fried Chicken and Cider Dinner at Pasture #Charlottesville
    Cider is made in the fall or winter after apple harvest, but we think it really reaches it’s peak after a few months of fermentation and aging. Spring also means fresh chickens from our neighboring farms and the perfect weather for dining and drinking outdoors. So, Potter’s Craft Cider is teaming up with our friends at Free Union Grass Farm and Pasture Charlottesville to welcome the warm weather and bid farewell to the snow and cold.$21 gets you 2 pieces of local, free range, fried chicken, 2 sides and a glass of Potter’s Farmhouse Dry cider, with gluten free options available. There’s a limited amount of chicken until the weather warms up a little more, so this event is first come, first serve!
  • 23 Apr 2014 17:00 – 17:00
    BEER WEEK – Steal the Glass Night featuring Three Brothers at Capital Ale House Harrisonburg
    We’re celebrating Craft Beer running up to the Rocktown Beer & Music Festival all week long with a SIX day blowout! Each day we’ll be featuring a select brewery from Beer Fest to highlight some of the great beer they offer!Wednesday features Harrisonburg’s own Three Brothers brewing, with plenty of Steal the Glass and tons of great draft beer!l
    - Hoptimization
    - Admiral
    - Tri Brathair
    - Resolute
    - Elementary Porter
  • 23 Apr 2014 17:00 – 17:00
    Evil Twin’s version of Table Beer – Beer Education Wednesdays at The Birch #Norfolk
    photo_745984117ba5The Third Installment.About a month ago we sampled Westbrook’s version of Table Beer, a Czech Style Pilsner, this week we have on draft Evil Twin. Here’s a little more about the project created by Justin Phillips, owner of Beer Table in New York.

    What is Table Beer?

    Table Beer is a brewing project inspired by our experiences with operating our little restaurant, Beer Table. The beers produced under the name “Beer Table Table Beer” are commissioned – they are in no way collaborations. Until now, we’ve focused on rare and unusual experiences in beer, but as with any thing we do in life, there comes a time where we want to seek balance and appreciate the beauty of consistency. Out of this maturation came the idea that Beer Table should have a “table beer”. I’m not a brewer, though I’ve made beer and have visited countless breweries. I realize that my main interest is in curating a selection of beers that are personally significant to me, and sharing it with whoever walks through our front door. Those who know me and know Beer Table know that in many ways it has been more my home for the last few years than our actual home, so in a way, I feel like my life and interests have been very public for a while now. As we’ve had beer consistently as a part of our daily life for a long time now, I have definitely made the transition that I’ve heard others speak of where I’ve begun to value consistency and balance almost as much, and sometimes more than, adventure.

    What Jeppe has to say about his Evil Twin Version:

    One of the beauties of beer and brewing is that the best beer in the world and the worst beer in the world are made from (pretty much) the same ingredients. It’s all about having passion and focus on details — this easy drinkable all brett fermented beer is brewed with my favorite hop variety, Simcoe. So simple, yet so complex. Enjoy!

    Enjoy this interpretation of Table Beer on Draft tomorrow!


    The Birch will be CLOSED for vacation, Tuesday April 29th – Saturday May 3rd. We will resume normal business hours Tuesday May 6!

    We will do a GROWLER SPECIAL on Saturday April 26th so you can stock up for the week! (The date in the last e-mail was incorrect)

  • 23 Apr 2014 18:00 – 20:00
    Beer Run Weekly Beer Tasting #Charlottesville

    South Street Brewery

    Tasting Wednesday 4/23

    South Street Brewery

    The South Street Brewery in Charlottesville, Virginia was founded in 1998, and is housed in the renovated H. H. Hankins Hay and Grain warehouse built in the late 1800′s. Old brick walls, hardwood floors and thick timber pillars provide a striking setting for our custom built brewhouse and a spacious, welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy fresh, handcrafted ales and lagers. South Street’s commitment to on-premises brewing ensures that only the highest quality ingredients are used and that the beer is always fresh. This commitment has earned South Street regional and international praise but more importantly, results in a wide selection of styles and new, creative recipes that will continually have customers discovering new favorites.

    On The Tasting Table 6 – 8 PM

    J P Ale: Our award winning American-style pale ale. Tons of Cascade hops give this session ale moderate bitterness with great aroma and fresh hop flavor.

    Satan’s Pony Amber Ale: The most distinguishing characteristic of this amber ale is the perfect balance of hop, malt, and roasted flavors. Deceptively smooth, Satan’s Pony is our most popular selection.

    India Ink: Assertive bitterness is shared with its paler cousin JP, and generous quantities of Simco, Amarillo, Columbus and Cascade conspire with a subtle roasted flavor give this beer unique and delicious flavor.

    Espresso Porter: A dark beer with a light body, served on nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head. Shenandoah Joes’ espresso imparts perfectly balanced coffee flavor to this decadent brew.

Virginia Craft Beer Events Happening Today, April 17th

Events happening in Virginia

  • 17 Apr 2014 15:00 – 15:00
    3rd Thursday Beer Event at Foster’s Grill #Westfield
    Here is what we have lined up so far for 3rd Thursday…
    Port City – Colossal 1&2
    Port City – Tartan
    Abita – Spring IPA
    Blue Mountain – Maggie’s Maibock
    Victory – Swing
    Highlands – Little Hump
    Epic – Escape to Colorado IPA
    Speakeasy – Old Godfather Barley Wine
    Dogfish Head – World Wide Stout
    We are hoping to add 2 more as well.
  • 17 Apr 2014 16:00 – 16:00
    Pilsner Glass Giveaway at Mad Fox Brewing #FallsChurch
    Pilsner Glass Giveway Final
  • 17 Apr 2014 16:30 – 16:30
    Smoked Beer Tasting at Wine Warehouse #Charlottesville
    WINE WAREHOUSE CELEBRATES ’4/20′ A LITTLE EARLY, WITH A SMOKED BEER TASTING THURSDAY APRIL 17thA delicious proliferation of various styles of smoked beers in the store gave the inspiration to do an in-store tasting, and it being April we figured it would be fun to do so in honor of 4/20. That was until I realized April 20 was in fact Easter Sunday, so no go. Friday would be equally questionable for a tasting with this inspiration (I’ve already got way too much red in my ledger to explain on Judgement Day without trying to justify hosting a ‘Smoke Out’ tasting on Good Friday), so Thursday is the day of choice.

    Smoked beer (also referred to as ‘rauchbier’) is best known in its German forms, especially in and around the city of Bamberg. The malts are traditionally dried over beechwood fires, which imparts a smoky, meaty aroma and flavor into the finished beer, typically a Lager. Depending on the weight and intensity of the beer, the smoked characters can be deceptively subtle to downright massive. The use of smoked malts are also apparent in other beer styles around the world, though not as famously and pervasively as in Bamberg, and the variety of fuel sources to smoke the malts brings a wide diversity of flavors to the beer.

    Aecht Schlenkerla-One of the most celebrated Rauchbier producers, and probably the best known in America. Each of their core beers show off the signature beechwood smoke character, from their subtle Pilsner, through the unique Weizen, to the classic Marzen and intensive Ur-Bock. In recent years they have added an Oak Smoked Dopplebock for the winter season. All five styles are available in the store at this time, and we will pull a selection of them to taste tomorrow.

    Uinta Brewing-An American interpretation of the classic Bamber Marzen lager, even going so far as to import their malt, the Uinta Tinder from their Crooked Line series looks to stand up alongside the legends. Tell us how you think it stacks up.

    White Birch-The First Sparrow is a Spring beer based on a very delicate variation of smoke beer from Poland/Eastern Europe called a Grodziskie or Gratzer. Wheat based and built at a more sessionable 4%abv, the unfiltered character White Birch employs on its bottled beers add richness and texture a lighter weight beer like this sometimes lacks,and helps to intensify the smoke notes. If you happened to have been at Champion Brewing in your beer adventures, their Kielbasa Gratzer is very similar.

    Stone Brewing-Most dark malt beers carry more of a coffee-like roast character from the charring of the malts. A small portion of smoked malts can add a pleasant meaty note, especially if there is some silky textures in the malt and the charred character isn’t too aggressive. Alaska Brewing Company was one of the first to feature this style of Porter and became an early cult beer for traders on the East Coast. As part of Stone’s core beer production, their Smoked Porter is sometimes overlooked, but is a very well crafted beer with a subtle note of real smoke and not aggressively meaty.

    Stillwater Artisan Ales-Surprising to know this involves smoke from looking at the label, as it’s a Saison/Farmhouse style with Scandinavian inspiration, but when you first open up a bottle of Debauched the first aromas are all Brett and peaty smoke. The whole juniper bushes add a bit of Norse robustness as well. Stillwater is one of the great Saison specialists in America, and this is one of his most intensely flavored beers to date.

    Orkney Brewery-We usually think of the beechwood and meaty flavors when we talk about smoked beers, but the Scottish have mastered the art of smoking their malts with peat, the accumulated decayed vegetation in the many bogs of Scotland and Ireland that has been the source of fuel since civilization began. The character of the peat in different areas is as much of a factor in the distinct flavors of the famed Scotch Whisky as the waters, and that distinctness also carries over to the beers that are brewed from single area malts. Dark Island is made from 100% Orkney Island malts, whose malt character is noted for a touch of seaside saltiness. If you’re lucky enough to have a glass of Highland Park alongside a pint of this, the smoke character between the two is undeniably similar. Not a ‘rauchbier’ but perfectly appropriate in a tasting like this.

  • 17 Apr 2014 16:30 – 19:00
    Weekly Thursday Tasting at Grape Gourmet #VirginiaBeach
    TGI…THURSDAY!Look at the beers that Gabe is sampling out today from 4:30-7 for you!
    Victory White Monkey…golden monkey aged in white wine barrels.
    Monomoy Kreik…a cherry sour
    Mikkellers Better Half
    Three Heads Brewing Tre Kind-their 3rd anniversary beer
    Cisco Indie Pale Ale

    LOOK! I can see the weekend from here!

  • 17 Apr 2014 17:00 – 17:00
    Allagash Tap Occupation at Fireworks Pizza #Arlington
    Allagash Tap OccupationTensions are high between our draft lines & several limited releases from Allagash Brewing Company. We’ve received reports that they intend to send kegged troops to occupy our draft lines for a limited time. Help us make sure this remains a brief occupation & come enjoy a few delicious beers in the process.

    Beers in the trenches:
    Red Howes
    All beers will be discounted during happy hour & 5oz sample sizes available as well. We’ll have Allagash personnel in house to discuss brewery operations, no guarantees that classified material will be available.

    Chef Frank will provide MREs for troops that need rations to get them through the night.

    PS – buy any limited release* Allagash beer & get an official glass to keep (limit 1 per guest while supplies last)

  • 17 Apr 2014 17:00 – 20:00
    Thirsty Thursday at Hop & Wine #Fredericksburg

    Beer Trivia:
    Easter Beer Hunt- Come find the beers that
    are 40% off!

    Beer Trivia:
    What Brewery produced the first 6-pack?
    A) Pabst
    B) Budweiser
    C) Schtilz
    “Thirsty Thursday”

    Mendocino 30th Anniversary Pale Ale (Single Hop Cascade)- this beer honors the Cascade hop that started it all and changed the way people view American Craft Beer. This hop has an intense floral with a spice and clean finish. We brewed this Pale Ale with multiple additions of Cascade during the boil, then topped it off with generous dry-hopping to give you an exceptional experience. Savor this Limited Edition Anniversary Pale Ale, the first of three unique ales that will herald our celebrations. This is an ale 30 years in the making – You deserve the best.
    ABV- 7.0% BA Score- 81 Pts.
    RB Score- 82 Pts.
    Hardywood Hoplar IPA- No Longer Tasting*

    Boulevard Smokestack Series “GrainStorm” Black Rye IPA- *Hoplar Sub.* Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the root cellar, along comes Grainstorm, a big, wet wallop to the senses. Dark clouds gather on the horizon of your glass. A high-pressure system of pungent hops collides with a stationary front of barley, oats, wheat, and rye. The forecast: a monsoon of flavor with surges of roasty malt, microbursts of fruity notes, and a chance of golfball-sized hail. The extended outlook calls for unseasonably pleasant enjoyment.
    ABV- 7.7% BA Score- 91 Pts.
    RB Score- 98 Pts.

    Mendocino Talon Double IPA- An aggressive and old-school American Double IPA here, and a well named one, as this beer rips out your palate and the flies off to regurgitate it into the mouths of its frenzied young. Its combo of five malts and six hops creates a unique experience too. Anyone who touts themselves as a true hophead should seek out this beer now. Malts: Specialty 2 Row, Wheat, Munich, Vienna, CaraMunich 40. Hops: Warrior, Cascade, Amarillo, Summit, Pilgrim, Centennial. Dry Hop: Amarillo, Summit, Simcoe.
    ABV- 10% BA Score- 81 Pts.
    RB Score- 97 Pts.

    Dogfish Head Hellhound On My Ale- 2011 marks the 100th birthday of Mississippi Delta bluesman Robert Johnson who, according to legend, sold his soul down at the crossroads in a midnight bargain and changed music forever. Working again with our friends at Sony Legacy (yup, the same folks we did our Miles Davis-inspired Bitches Brew with), Dogfish Head pays tribute to this blues legend by gettin the hellhounds off his trail and into this finely-crafted ale. Hellhound is a super-hoppy ale that hits 100 IBUs in the brewhouse, 10.0 ABV, 10.0 SRM in color, and dry-hopped with 100% centennial hops at a rate of 100 kilos per 100 barrel brew-length. Can you tell we at Dogfish are stoked for this mighty musical centennial? To accentuate and magnify the citrusy notes of the centennial hops (and as a shout out to Robert Johnsons mentor Blind Lemon Jefferson) we add dried lemon peel and flesh to the whirlpool.
    ABV- 10% BA Score- 88 Pts.
    RB Score- 97 Pts.

    Beer Trivia Answer:
    Pabst Brewery in the 1940s. The brewery conducted numerous studies, which found six cans were the ideal weight for the average housewife to carry home from the store.

  • 17 Apr 2014 17:00 – 20:00
    Thirsty Thursday at Red, White & Bleu Wine & Gourmet #Falls Church

    Beer Lover Newsletter V04.17.14
    Stay current with new items and special events.
    Join our Wine Enthusiast and our Cheese & Charcuterie newsletter.
    Join us tonight from 5-8pm!
    *Please note that once our tasters are poured out, THAT’S IT.
    Come earlier…Snooze you lose.
    We in the greater DC area are lucky to have one of the heavyweights of the craft beer world in our back yard. As a reminder of what they have to offer, we’re tasting a lineup of some of our favorites. Come in and try some great beers from Dogfish Head.
    Rhizing Bines
    Ta Henket
    90 Minute IPA
    Midas Touch
  • 17 Apr 2014 17:30 – 19:30
    Center of the Universe Brewing Sampling at Urban Farmhouse #Carytown
    Stop by after work and enjoy an array of COTU brews while dining on delicious food from the Urban Farmhouse. A COTU representative will be on hand to guide you through a variety of year-round, seasonal, and one-off brews. Can’t wait to see you there!
  • 17 Apr 2014 17:30 – 21:00
    Hardywood Food Truck Court #Richmond
    FOOD TRUCK COURT (1)We’re kicking off the season with a mix of 16 new and favorite local gourmet mobile food vendors, with many more carts on rotation in the weeks to come. Enjoy our line up of seasonal craft beers to pair with eclectic tacos, wood-fired pizza, authentic French crepes, handmade ice cream, Cajun street food, traditional Mediterranean kabobs and more.

    Hardywood Food Truck Court runs from 5:30-9pm every Thursday through the season and is a family friendly environment. All ages are welcome at the brewery. Virginia ABC law prohibits bringing outside alcoholic beverages on-site, and underage drinking will be strictly prohibited.

    Visit Hardywood Park’s Web Site for list of food vendors.

  • 17 Apr 2014 19:00 – 19:00
    Blue Mountain vs Cardinal Point, Beer vs Wine Dinner at TJ’s Restaurant #Richmond
    Blue Mountain vs. Cardinal Point
    An Afton Mountain Beer vs. Wine Throwdown
    Thursday, April 17 7:00pmTJ’s at The Jefferson Hotel

    Who doesn’t love a good competition? That’s why our next dinner at TJ’s is a wine vs. beer dinner. We’ve got an Afton Mountain showdown featuring Blue Mountain Brewery and Cardinal Point Winery.

    How did we come up with idea, you ask? The media was begging for this epic event, and TJ’s, it seemed, is the perfect venue. Frenemies Taylor Smack from Blue Mountain and Tim Gorman from Cardinal Point, have chosen the beverages to be featured and Chef Patrick Ehemann has prepared a menu to delight. One thing is for sure, the real winner of this epic battle is you! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to eat, drink and decide the winner – beer or wine.



    Small Bite Beginnings
    Smoked Chicken Croquant with Apple Mostarda
    Blue Mountain Maggie’s Maibock
    Virginia Ham and Gougers with Grayson Cheese en Pipette
    Cardinal Point Quattro


    Warm Salad of Grilled Octopus
    Crisp Chickpeas, Piquillo Peppers, Easter Egg Radishes,
    Petite Herbs, Charred Onion and Black Rice Vinaigrette
    Our Choice – Cardinal Point 2012 A6
    Blue Mountains Choice – Rockfish Wheat


    Duo of Rabbit
    Harissa Roasted Rabbit Loin, Crispy Moroccan Rabbit Pastillias
    Yogurt, Pistachio Butter, Chili Oil
    Our Choice – Blue Mountain Steel Wheels ESB
    Cardinal Points Choice – Hopped Chardonnay 2013 IPC


    Petit Lamb Osso Bucco
    Sundried Tomato Soft Polenta, Braised Tuscan Kale, Garden Herb Gremolata
    Our Choice – Cardinal Point Clay Hill Cabernet Franc
    Blue Mountains Choice – Red Zeppelin


    Chocolate Hazlenut Crunch
    Condensed Milk Gelato, Bourbon Cherries, Nutella Powder
    Our Choice – Blue Mountain Dark Hollow
    Cardinal Point’s Choice – Rockfish Red 2013


    $50.00 Per Person, plus tax and gratuity
    Contact TJ’s Restaurant at 804-649-4672 for reservations
    or by email at

  • 17 Apr 2014 19:00 – 19:00
    Stone Beer Dinner at Magnolia at the Mill #Purcelville


  • 17 Apr 2014 20:00 – 20:00
    Shuck and Chug with Hardywood Park at Whole Foods #ShortPump

    Shucking and Chugging w/ Hardywood Park
    next Thursday nite.,tapping last years vintages of these drafts..
    4/17 5-8pm
    Greg Self's photo.
    Greg Self's photo.

    Shuck and Chug with Hardywood Park at Whole Foods #ShortPump