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A Final Goodbye

Well folks the day is here.  It’s time.
Last week I announced that I would be donating the domain to the Virginia Brewer’s Guild as my family and I begin our new adventure in North Carolina.  I’ve had some time to reflect on this decision and it’s the right decision.  Today also marks the beginning of The National Beer Expo.  Realizing this huge event was starting today and knowing I couldn’t possibly make it to at least one event really impressed up on me why this is the right decision.

I want to say thank you to all of you who encouraged me to continue through the years with your kind words and encouragement.  Also thank you to all the folks in the beer industry whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet and talk beer with.  I have so many memories that I’ll always carry with me.  Finally a huge thank you to my wife.  She’s not a beer drinker but was very supportive of me doing this and letting me go out once in a while to many different events.

Keep up the enthusiasm for Virginia Craft Beer you have many great resources out there.  I only see many great things come out of Virginia!
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Edmond M.