Virginia Craft Beer Events Happening Today, April 23rd

So as you begin to plan your weekend here are the up coming festivals.
If you in the Harrisonburg area don’t forget the Rocktown Beer & Music Festival
Those of you in Arlington can enjoy the Springfest at Capital City Brewing
If you are near Culpeper check out the Gnarly Hops & Barley Festival
Finally, in Williamsburg the Williamsburg Craft Beer Festival is happening on Sunday.
There you go a weekend of fun.

Events happening in Virginia

  • 23 Apr 2014 17:00 – 22:00
    Fried Chicken and Cider Dinner at Pasture #Charlottesville
    Cider is made in the fall or winter after apple harvest, but we think it really reaches it’s peak after a few months of fermentation and aging. Spring also means fresh chickens from our neighboring farms and the perfect weather for dining and drinking outdoors. So, Potter’s Craft Cider is teaming up with our friends at Free Union Grass Farm and Pasture Charlottesville to welcome the warm weather and bid farewell to the snow and cold.$21 gets you 2 pieces of local, free range, fried chicken, 2 sides and a glass of Potter’s Farmhouse Dry cider, with gluten free options available. There’s a limited amount of chicken until the weather warms up a little more, so this event is first come, first serve!
  • 23 Apr 2014 17:00 – 17:00
    BEER WEEK – Steal the Glass Night featuring Three Brothers at Capital Ale House Harrisonburg
    We’re celebrating Craft Beer running up to the Rocktown Beer & Music Festival all week long with a SIX day blowout! Each day we’ll be featuring a select brewery from Beer Fest to highlight some of the great beer they offer!Wednesday features Harrisonburg’s own Three Brothers brewing, with plenty of Steal the Glass and tons of great draft beer!l
    - Hoptimization
    - Admiral
    - Tri Brathair
    - Resolute
    - Elementary Porter
  • 23 Apr 2014 17:00 – 17:00
    Evil Twin’s version of Table Beer – Beer Education Wednesdays at The Birch #Norfolk
    photo_745984117ba5The Third Installment.About a month ago we sampled Westbrook’s version of Table Beer, a Czech Style Pilsner, this week we have on draft Evil Twin. Here’s a little more about the project created by Justin Phillips, owner of Beer Table in New York.

    What is Table Beer?

    Table Beer is a brewing project inspired by our experiences with operating our little restaurant, Beer Table. The beers produced under the name “Beer Table Table Beer” are commissioned – they are in no way collaborations. Until now, we’ve focused on rare and unusual experiences in beer, but as with any thing we do in life, there comes a time where we want to seek balance and appreciate the beauty of consistency. Out of this maturation came the idea that Beer Table should have a “table beer”. I’m not a brewer, though I’ve made beer and have visited countless breweries. I realize that my main interest is in curating a selection of beers that are personally significant to me, and sharing it with whoever walks through our front door. Those who know me and know Beer Table know that in many ways it has been more my home for the last few years than our actual home, so in a way, I feel like my life and interests have been very public for a while now. As we’ve had beer consistently as a part of our daily life for a long time now, I have definitely made the transition that I’ve heard others speak of where I’ve begun to value consistency and balance almost as much, and sometimes more than, adventure.

    What Jeppe has to say about his Evil Twin Version:

    One of the beauties of beer and brewing is that the best beer in the world and the worst beer in the world are made from (pretty much) the same ingredients. It’s all about having passion and focus on details — this easy drinkable all brett fermented beer is brewed with my favorite hop variety, Simcoe. So simple, yet so complex. Enjoy!

    Enjoy this interpretation of Table Beer on Draft tomorrow!


    The Birch will be CLOSED for vacation, Tuesday April 29th – Saturday May 3rd. We will resume normal business hours Tuesday May 6!

    We will do a GROWLER SPECIAL on Saturday April 26th so you can stock up for the week! (The date in the last e-mail was incorrect)

  • 23 Apr 2014 18:00 – 20:00
    Beer Run Weekly Beer Tasting #Charlottesville

    South Street Brewery

    Tasting Wednesday 4/23

    South Street Brewery

    The South Street Brewery in Charlottesville, Virginia was founded in 1998, and is housed in the renovated H. H. Hankins Hay and Grain warehouse built in the late 1800′s. Old brick walls, hardwood floors and thick timber pillars provide a striking setting for our custom built brewhouse and a spacious, welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy fresh, handcrafted ales and lagers. South Street’s commitment to on-premises brewing ensures that only the highest quality ingredients are used and that the beer is always fresh. This commitment has earned South Street regional and international praise but more importantly, results in a wide selection of styles and new, creative recipes that will continually have customers discovering new favorites.

    On The Tasting Table 6 – 8 PM

    J P Ale: Our award winning American-style pale ale. Tons of Cascade hops give this session ale moderate bitterness with great aroma and fresh hop flavor.

    Satan’s Pony Amber Ale: The most distinguishing characteristic of this amber ale is the perfect balance of hop, malt, and roasted flavors. Deceptively smooth, Satan’s Pony is our most popular selection.

    India Ink: Assertive bitterness is shared with its paler cousin JP, and generous quantities of Simco, Amarillo, Columbus and Cascade conspire with a subtle roasted flavor give this beer unique and delicious flavor.

    Espresso Porter: A dark beer with a light body, served on nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head. Shenandoah Joes’ espresso imparts perfectly balanced coffee flavor to this decadent brew.

Welcome Creek Bottom Brewing #Galax

Creek Bottom Brewing

I am pleased to announce that Galax has it’s first official BREWERY!!!
Here at Creek Bottom Brewery, we just received our ABC Brewery License!!!!!! I can almost taste it now, Fresh beer is almost here!
We will be brewing our hearts out over the next few weeks and months to have plenty of CBBrew on hand for you thirsty craft beer lovers..
I can tell you this has been a long time coming. We originally set out to start the brewery in 2008.. Now fast forward to 2014, we finally have our license. Although we are at a much smaller capacity than when we originally began this endeavor, but we still can make beer.
Creek Bottom will be brewing on a 1/2 bbl system to start. I’m sure we will need to upgrade the size of our brew system in short order after word gets out.. We will need all the support we can get from every craft beer lover to help us grow this for everyone to enjoy..
Everyone please help us welcome our newest Brewery to Virginia!

-John, Brandy, Tonya, Morgan, Lee and HC